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Save contacts with a single tap. No more manual entries.

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Monitor your card’s reach and impact with detailed analytics.

Targeted Marketing

Use digital card data for precision marketing to your audience.

Physical & Digital Combo

Merge the tangible with the digital. Share your card with just a touch.

Custom Designs

Tailor-made digital card designs that reflect your brand’s essence.

User-Controlled Data

Empower contacts to update their information, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Seamless Integration

Blend your digital presence with physical interactions. Our dual-format cards offer a seamless networking experience.

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You ask, we answer

A digital business card is an electronic form of your business card that can be shared digitally and saved directly into the phone of the person you are sharing it with.

The physical card contains a digital tag. When tapped against a smartphone, it prompts the phone to open your digital business card.

Yes, we offer custom designs for your digital card to align with your brand identity.

It combines the convenience of digital sharing with the tangible impact of a physical card, enhancing your networking opportunities.

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